This is where I am going to place all of my ‘character profiles + descriptions’ so that people are able to see what characters I have for my Halo Roleplay that I do over the steam community. You don’t have to read through all of the backstory and so on unless you plan on taking part in a roleplaying situation with me. I hope that you enjoy all of this!




Character Profile

Iawa ‘Nar ‘Tokudee

2535 2537 2540 2540 2552 2552 2556
Faction/Division Covenant Covenant Covenant Covenant Covenant Covenant Separatists Sanghelios Armed Forces
Rank Minor Domo Major Domo Ultra Domo General Field Marshall Fleet Master Supreme Commander
Creche/Fleet T’Tera T’Tera T’Tera L’Loro Warrior L’Loro Warrior Fleet of Retribution Fleet of Sublime Transcendence
Height 8’1 Tall 8’1 Tall 8’2 Tall (Headdress) 8’2 Tall (Headdress) 8’1 Tall 8’2 Tall (Headdress) 8’2 (Headdress)
Weight 510lb 520lb 520lb 550lb 530lb 550lb 580lb


Name: Iawa ‘Jar ‘Nar ‘Tokudee

Race: Sangheili

Eye Colour: Right Eye Blue, Left Eye Green. HUD Coloured Red.

Skin Colour: Black


Preferred Weaponry:

x2 Sangheili Energy Sword

The Type-1 Energy Weapon/Sword, commonly known as the Energy Sword, is a close quarters weapon of the Covenant Empire, for exclusive use of the Sangheili.

x1 Sangheili Energy Dagger

The Energy Dagger is an energy melee weapon employed by the Sangheili, particularly the Zealot classes, during the Human-Covenant war.

x1 Type-51 Carbine

The Type-51 Carbine is mainly utilized for long-medium combat, Kig-Yar Snipers generally make usage of the Carbine, however, Sangheili also operate using the Type-51 Carbine.



Character Description:

Standing at a massive 8 foot 1 | Massive quadruple hinged jaw | Large mandibles | | Military harness decorated with Forerunner Symbols | Black body suit | Two type-1 energy swords sitting against his leg magnetic holster | Clearly muscular build | Integrated energy shielding device | Massive fingers and thumbs |


“I am General Iawa ‘Nar ‘Tokudee, the sword of the Prophet of Regret. Fight with me, and I call you a brother in arms. Stay my hand, and you will lose yours.”



A Sangheili Warrior of a somewhat legendary status within Regret’s fleet, Iawa ‘Nar ‘Tokudee, also known by his title as the ‘Grey Knight’, first rose to prominence during the Human-Covenant War, having lived throughout many of its toughest battles. His legendary status would continue throughout the rest of the war and he is one of the most recognised veteran warriors of Sanghelios.



Character Biography.

Early Life

Born in 2517, Iawa’s childhood was rather rocky in nature. Despite being close with his brother, he was the youngest, therefore was often berated and even shunned for a unique condition he was born with a rare case of what seems to be the Sangheili equivalent of heterochromia, which is a differentiation of eye colours. In this case, Iawa has a right blue eye and one left green eye.

This often earned him the anger of other Sangheili, and Iawa himself became somewhat resentful of his abnormal status. This, coupled with the jealousy of his brother getting the spotlight, would lead the younger brother to become very antisocial and found one way to get away from the resentment that the Sangheili had been giving him; joining the Covenant onslaught. He began his military training in late 2520 and graduated as a Minor Domo in 2535, where he was sent alongside his Covenant Comrades to the Human world of Jericho VII (Seven).



Military Career

Jericho VII

“One does not simply forget the first day under the Militaristic ways of the Covenant Empire, and the maelstrom of battle. The constant ringing and rattling of firearms, the explosions and bright lights and the stench of the death around you.’ -Iawa ‘Nar ‘Tokudee in his recount of the battle of Jericho VII


During the Battle of Jericho VII, the young Sangheili Warrior exhibited his obvious recklessness and eagerness to go into battle and prove his worth to his brother when he returned. Iawa was assigned with several other Sangheili to act as the air support, as Banshee pilots. Exhibiting his exemplary training, the youngster proved himself to be quite the adept pilot, removing a squad of UNSC Marines in a single shot with the Banshee’s main fuel rod cannon.

Under orders of the Prophet of Candor, they were led into battle by an Arbiter and were led to multiple places around the planet, in a staggeringly long three-day stalemate ensuing against the UNSC and Covenant Forces. Although Spartan Blue Team had cut right through the Covenant Forces and Spartan Red Team detonated a HAVOC Nuke. Iawa was one of the few remaining Banshee pilots who made it out of the blast radius and into space, towards the Covenant Fleet, who of which the UNSC had also been fighting in the last few days. While he had several UNSC Prowlers on his tail, he managed to evade his pursuers and land safely in the hangars of one of the Battlecruisers, and witnessed the destruction of the enemy fleet and the glassing of Jericho VII, with what few Covenant Forces were left. Despite heavy ground casualties, the battle resulted in an essentially Pyrrhic Victory for the Covenant Empire. Years later Iawa would find himself at the Massacre of Troy. Given Troy’s thorough extermination and total butchering of civilian population, the Covenant steamrolled the UNSC Forces and Iawa was promoted to the rank of Major Domo.




“The events of that day seeded doubts in my mind. Perhaps, the humans weren’t as heretical and blasphemous as we thought. What if we were wrong to commit what was essentially organised genocide? The Great Schism proved my thoughts to be correct.” -Iawa ‘Nar ‘Tokudee reflecting upon the Battle of Kholo


The now powerful and respect young Iawa was present at the world of Kholo when they ordered the attack. Iawa led his first squad this time, leading a small group of Minor Domos and Unggoy subordinates. They arrived with the scout vessels and decimated the mining ships that were in orbit – boarding and attacking a small Colonial Administrative Authority (CAA) vessel that was converted into an ordinance ship during the battle. Next, the Covenant ground forces were deployed to slice through any UNSC that could give their ships in orbit trouble. This resulted in Iawa and several other squads targeting an airbase which housed much of the UNSC’s aerial vehicles, raising it to the ground as soon as they could. Human resistance was strong, but futile. The UNSC started to evacuate whatever civilians that they could and sneak them past the Covenant Fleet and beyond, towards safety.


However, things got interesting. A small group of Spartan-II and Spartan-III Super-Soldiers were deployed, helping to evacuate the civilians while they were present. Within an almost-collapsing building and either side with no weapons, Iawa came to blows with a heavily-armoured Spartan-II. As Iawa bested him, however, he could of had the choice to kill the ‘Demon’, but the floor underneath the Spartan-II’s feet collapsed, leaving him trapped under rubble. Assuming him as defeated, Iawa refused to waste anymore time and left.

However, the UNSC forces were scattered and almost completely annihilated. Iawa, the rest of his squad and the entourage of the Covenant regrouped with the main fleet, watching Kholo burn until the surface was nothing but glass. Iawa’s leadership skills surfaced further and he was promoted to the rank of Ultra Domo.



Conflict on New Zajecar

Iawa ‘Tokudee was one of the Ultra Domo Field Officers who was present at the invasion of the colony of New Zajecar, which was an industrial high-point for the United Nations Space Command. Naturally, taking this planet would be stealing a valuable strategic asset. But what the Covenant didn’t know was that the planet’s upper hemisphere had been built over the top of a Forerunner City – now of which, completely deserted, was filled with all sorts of artifacts.

Iawa ‘Tokudee, given his exemplary performance during the Kholo conflict, was selected to be a prime asset for this particular campaign. In particular, he ran against a Spartan Team, of which the Spartan-II that he fought was the co-team leader. This time, Iawa made sure they would have a rematch – busting the Spartan’s visor and reducing his breastplate to disrepair. This delayed their race to the Forerunner City considerably.



Paris IV

Regarded by Iawa as one of his most successful battles, Paris IV saw Covenant deployed and staging a siege on the capital of the colony . As no Field Masters were present at this time, Iawa was the most senior Ultra and lead his group into battle quickly. Iawa’s first course of action was to quickly take out the anti-aircraft batteries that were present on the perimetre of the city. He led two squads – one consisting of Three Minor Domos and a Major at the head, the other with several Kig-Yar snipers and a Minor Domo to lead them. The first squad destroyed the anti-aircraft battery to the west, while Iawa went alone with the snipers backing him to the east.

Secondly, the Ultra decided to flank the power station and cause a city-wide blackout. Effectively leaving the UNSC without any eyes, this decision would turn the following battle into Iawa’s favour. The blackout in the middle of an invasion cause them to start rolling out heavy armour, including Scorpion tanks and Warthogs with missile salvos. While the Warthogs were not too much to fuss over given that the snipers could pick off the gunners and driver, the MBTs were a much different story.

Outnumbered by the armoured column and many marines during this phase, Iawa made what would be one of his most suicidal decisions in his life. When the tanks were distracted by the Covenant Forces, Iawa ‘Tokudee latched onto one of MBTs, killing its gunner, after doing this, he gripped onto the barrel of the tank cannon and forced it to take aim upon one of the other tanks. The pilot of the tank, whom of which was unaware of any intruders at the time, ended up firing into a friendly and destroying the MBT. The incompetence would be paid for with his life, and tipped the siege into the Covenant’s favour.

As a result, the Capital City was taken and the Covenant took control. The only loose end was in the evacuation center, in which several marines had stolen plasma grenades and began using them against the Covenant. While they massacred all the marines except for one, the evacuation of the civilians was a success. Nevertheless, the capital was taken, and soon Paris IV was fully integrated into the Covenant.

As a result of his bravery and his displayed competence, Iawa was given a new title, Iawa ‘Nar ‘Tokudee, and was soon promoted to the rank of General. At the same time he was also given the complete command of an entire Creche, the L’Loro Warrior Creche.




“The spoils of war. Fumirole. Just another colony for snatching away from a ‘dirty mammal species’, right? No. Just look what happened to the cruiser. One. Just one soldier was all they needed.’ -General Iawa ‘Nar ‘Tokudee reflecting on Fumirole.


It was during this time, the year of 2552, that things started taking the worst turn for the Covenant Empire and all species that were involved, turning into an enormous ramification across all species involved once it had mutate into the Great Schism. However, this was not just a time of dire efforts, this would also be a time of great peril, but great emotion for Iawa, radically changing the way he thought about not just his species, but the Covenant itself.

This was indeed one of the first signs of his changing personality. Once they were led into battle, Iawa took to the ground fight with his fellow warriors, preferring to fight and/or die with his men, not gazing down on them from the cruiser. He fought through the already bombarded and desolate ruins of a Fumirole city, not far from the largest UNSC outpost on the planet. The battle of Fumirole had been raging for quite a while now, and it was Iawa’s first proper field command experience.

The final skirmish on Fumirole did justice for Iawa’s position as General, having not lost the squad attached to his command throughout the entire battle and having fought numerous human armymen as well as civilian militia who had personally taken arms against the invaders. It seems things had started to go sour though, once Spartans had started showing up, including NOBLE team. Iawa decided to make a rather wise tactical maneuver to move inside a large building that had been partially destroyed, but not before a Scorpion MBT spotted him and blew the construction to the ground, leveling the entire thing to the ground and almost killing him.

Cursing his brightly-coloured armour’s easy visibility, he retreated back towards the Covenant side of no-man’s land and commandeered a Ghost, which he used to escape to the cruiser and see the status of the battle. But this would prove to be an unfortunate decision, as Spartans completed their objective; destroying the ship over the city by delivering a high-powered explosive to it. The entire cruiser was wreathed into flames and Iawa had been in luck not to board the Cruiser before it exploded.

With their battle command destroyed and the UNSC in victory, Iawa traveled the wilds long and wide to make it back to the Covenant Forces, bringing his L’Loro Warrior Creche with him. Once he had reached the nearest city under the Covenant regime, he discovered that he and his Creche were some of the remaining survivors who had made it there, and the only one to report what actually happened. Iawa was just glad he was alive, and without mentioning it to anyone else, personally glad that he didn’t have to tangle with the Spartans.



The Battle of Reach

“We were reaching a breaking point here. This was their last bastion of defence. The last line. After this, we thought them all but annihilated. Little did any of us know that it was not the last…” -Iawa regarding the Battle of Reach.


After the Battle of Fumirole, General Iawa ‘Nar ‘Tokudee was sent to the Fleet of Particular Justice. After some triangulation, the Fleet of Particular Justice was able to locate and successfully discover what was thought to be the remaining bastion of UNSC forces. Arriving after the destruction of the Supercarrier ‘Lone Night of Solace’, the Fleet of Particular Justice would quickly deploy forces to target key military bases under the control of the UNSC. General Iawa ‘Nar ‘Tokudee and his Créche were deployed to New Alexandria, targeting Civilian Evacuation Ports and Marine Evacuation Zones, finding some difficulty along the way, such as a contingent of Spartans and Armoured Columns, they would eventually find success in destroying several civilian/military evacuation zones, crippling the evacuation efforts. 

After the success of their objectives, the L’Loro Warrior Créche and General Iawa ‘Nar ‘Tokudee’s were given a new objective, to capture the Office of Naval Intelligence Building in New Alexandria. Organising a quick and well-thought out plan, they stormed the lower levels of the ONI Building, though were met with strong resistance from several marine/ONI fire teams that were tasked with the defence of the lower levels while sensitive data and information was purged from the systems. Forced to pull out, The General and his Créche assembled a few hundred metres away from the Building and allowed for the Building to be evacuated before moving back in, stripping whatever data that they could, lackluster to say the least.

With news that they were planning to glass the city, the General withdrew all troops under his command, returning to the vessels that were moving into position. He and his Créche would continue fighting in multiple engagements across Reach and he was one of the General’s to witness the Pillar of Autumn escape from the Aszod Ship Breaking Yards. The remaining UNSC forces would eventually be defeated and the Covenant withdrew to orbit and glasses the planet.

After this success, the General was commended for his actions and handpicked by the Prophet of Regret to become his personal General in his fleet. Effectively giving him the power to do as he pleased with the Prophet’s favour on side.



The Battle of Earth

“This was the day where I lost all, My Creche and my honour. Humanity proved that they were not going down without a fight, and what a bloody fight it would be. A Betrayal was all that it took to cripple our forces….” -Iawa regarding the Battle of Earth and the Jiralhanae betrayal.


When the Prophet of Regret made a slipspace jump to what he believed to be an abandoned planet of former-forerunner control, General Iawa ‘Nar ‘Tokudee was residing in the bridge portion of Regret’s carrier. Faced with the harsh reality – Earth and its Home Defence Fleet – The Prophet of Regret had no choice but to rush the Orbital Defence Grid, busting right through it, avoiding the dangers presented by the Super-MACs that were attached to the 300 geo-synced ODPs.

A landing zone was established in the New Mombasa’s ‘Uplift Reserve’ and provided the deployment of numerous troops onto the ground, the L’Loro Warrior Creche was deployed into the City and General Iawa ‘Nar ‘Tokudee was issued orders to secure the area around Uplift Reserve, however, when the Prophet of Regret hastily retreated from Earth through the use of slipspace, the General and his Creche were isolated on Earth. At this moment, the Jiralhanae launched their ‘secret’ orders, slaughtering the Sangheili stationed on Earth. The General and his Creche fought bravely, but most were killed in the ensuing battle, only three survived, the General and Two Ultras, battered and bruised, they would take up residence in the ruins for the next few hours.

After the next few hours, General Iawa ‘Nar ‘Tokudee would link up with a female Ultra and eventually would steal a Human Pelican Dropship and escape from Earth, linking up with Shipmaster Toka ‘Kotee on his vessel; Convicted Division



Escape from High Charity

“I swore that day, that the Prophets would pay for their betrayal of the Sangheili. I swore on all the Sangheili on Sanghelios, that I would fight until my dying breath to avenge those that Truth and his Jiralhanae slaughtered!” -Iawa regarding the breakout of the Great Schism.


Soon after escaping from Earth, Shipmaster Toka ‘Kotee would have put his CCS-Class Battlecruiser into a slipspace jump, headed to inform the High Council of the betrayal by the Jiralhanae on Earth. Soon the Convicted Division would arrive outside of High Charity’s Defence Fleet – Several Hours Earlier, General Iawa ‘Nar ‘Tokudee would be responsible for the defeat of a Minor, Major, Zealot and Field Marshall in the ‘Dojo’ onboard – and would begin to dispatch phantom dropships to the Covenant Holy City, one phantom contained the General, who was intending to meet the High Council and inform them of the betrayal that had occurred.

However, upon arriving to High Charity and making his way to the Council Chambers, he would witness ‘The Change of the Guards’ – The Sangheili Honour Guardsmen losing their positions to the Jiralhanae – This would send him into a rage, causing him to attack two Jiralhanae ‘Honour Guards’ which would ultimately land him in a brig cell.

His case was never brought before the High Council, ever. However, he felt ashamed that he let his rage overcome his rational actions, something that he thought would cost him his career as a General.



The Great Schism

“This was the day where I was promoted by Supreme Commander Toka ‘Kot, elevated from the Rank of Field Marshall to the rank of Fleet Master. That day, I was given a fleet with one goal, to eliminate the Covenant Leadership and the Jiralhanae bastards.” -Iawa regarding the breakout of the Great Schism


Several Hours Later, the General would be saved by a most unlikely friend, the Female Ultra that he met on Earth, many hours prior to landing himself in a prison cell. However, once released from the Brig Cell, he would find himself witnessing a CAS-Assault Carrier and Several CCS-Class Battlecruisers bombarding the Holy City of High Charity, at first glance he assumed that the Jiralhanae had turned against the Council, but his thoughts would prove to be wrong, the Sangheili would be the cause of this assault, and the Prophet’s betrayal became apparent as the Jiralhanae received orders to execute all Councillors and Sangheili onboard the Holy City.


Battle of Installation 00

“Our new found ally, the very same that we waged genocide against for more than 25 cycles, gave us the chance to prove what we were capable of. The Fleet of Retribution, Rtas ‘Vadum, Thel ‘Vadam and myself. A glorious day as Truth was killed for his crimes.” -Iawa regarding the Battle of Installation 00




Taking the Tokud State

“My Uncle was blind. He was once a Supreme Commander of the Covenant, he still felt that we needed to make an enemy and example of Humanity. However, his blindness would be his end.” -Iawa speaking post-capture of the Tokud State.


In 2556, Iawa ‘Jar ‘Nar ‘Tokud would return to Sanghelios, as a newly promoted Supreme Commander, bringing with him the remnants of his Fleet, now titled ‘The Fleet of Final Revenge’. What he found was the State of Tokud in civil war, those wishing to join Jul ‘Mdama’s ‘Covenant Remnants’ and those that supported the ideals of Thel ‘Vadam and his council. Iawa was a supporter of the ideals of ‘Vadam’s council and knew instantly what had to be done. Organising hasty meetings with those supporters in ‘Tokud, he would plan an uprising against his very own blood, his uncle.

On the eve of a chilling and foggy morning in the state of ‘Tokud, Supreme Commander Iawa would arrive at the Keep of ‘Tokud. Cunningly he had organised a meeting with his uncle, planning on meeting him outside the Keep at dawn. Eventually his Uncle would arrive, The Kaidon of the Keep.

After a short meeting with his uncle, Iawa would accuse his uncle for fueling hatred towards humanity and providing support to the rogue Sangheili under Jul ‘Mdama. Things turned sour and Iawa’s uncle would try to flee from the Keep, only to be pursued by Iawa and Iawa’s personal guardsmen. Eventually the Kaidon was cornered, and would end up surrendering to Iawa and his men, though, a sect of rogue Sangheili from the barracks would begin to assault their position, forcing Iawa to retreat out of the line of fire, his uncle killed in the process, leaving the state of ‘Tokud without a Kaidon. The rogue Sangheili would be bolstered by Jul ‘Mdama’s Covenant Remnant Forces under the command of Parg Vol.

Once the situation became clear, Iawa seeked council in his top advisors, he moved a small portion of his fleet over the Tokud State, and got set for an assault to take it back. Parg Vol had plans of his own, deploying a fleet under his command to shift the vessels over The Keep. As

a result, Iawa moved his entire fleet into position, in an attempt to push back the remnants fleet, finding early success before launching an all out assault on the Keep, he led his men without fear of death, smashing through the Remnant Forces until arriving at the main chamber of the Keep, though, they found it empty. Commander Vol had escaped, to this day, it is unknown how he managed to escape from the Keep.

Shortly after the smoke settled, and the fog cleared, Iawa would reinstate the ‘Tokud Council and allow for them to elect a new Kaidon. The Supreme Commander was elected as the new Kaidon of the Tokud State and remained a Supreme Commander in the Sanghelios Armed Forces.



Siege on Nihur

“It would seem that my Uncle had allies for himself. A former Special Operations Commander, now Kaidon of the Nihur State. It was a shame to take such beautiful land by force, but it was deserved. For to risk another war, would be suicide for the Sangheili.” -Addressing the Tokud Council.




Alternate Post-War (Halo: Final Stand)




A focused soldier and with an iron-forged will, Iawa is quite reserved and disciplined. Like all Sangheili, he was raised to become an honourable warrior, Iawa, however, is a slight exception. For example, he is unwilling to let his reasoning be compromised, but he still holds a strong sense of honour. In his early years, he was cold, abrasive and mostly kept to himself, however, unlike many Sangheili who were jaded with grief over the merciless killings of humanity, Iawa remained optimistic and instead opted to build a new future with the humans. Another infamous trait is his rather salacious personal life – as a swordsman, Iawa is permitted to marry as any spouses as he wills, and as a result, he has had more than one “encounter.”

As Humanity and Sangheili alike began to rebuild their shattered worlds, Iawa faced the incoming turmoil with a courageous force of will, honed with discipline. However, as soldier-like he may seem, he is also a rare Sangheili with a sense of dry humour. With his jokes aside, in fact, Iawa is hiding the guilt that he has harboured previously, during the period in which his personality came into transit, from reclusive, cold and abrasive warrior into a soldier capable of laying foundation to the deeds heroes are known for.

On that note, Iawa harbours a grudge towards politics and people associated with them. This grudge often earns him the disdain of others and Iawa has been noted to trust his gut more than the commands of his superiors. Given Iawa’s tactical intuition, Iawa is recognised for his achievements. This is quite apparent when witnessing the master warrior in battle. However, he seems as if he never grew up at heart, more than once disobeying orders to trust his heart and his instinct. This has gotten him into trouble more than once, even if his feelings were right. This may, in the future, be used against him.  




“What you see ‘Brother’ is not the weak, anti-social Sangheili of the past. I am a General, a warrior and unlike you, I earned my title through dedication to my troops, through dedication to the Covenant.” – Iawa to his brother when he was a General.


“Minister of Justice, for your crimes against the Sangheili and those under the Sangheili Command. I hereby sentence you to death for the crimes you have committed.”


“Brother, I have been watching and teaching the young Sangheili on the history of the Covenant before the Great Schism. One student of mine, a young female Sangheili, a bright-minded Sangheili, and from what I hear, she’s from the ‘Myram state. A very smart and educated state of Sanghelios, one of the oldest families like my own. She carries the marks of her family, the beauty and the brains, I shall keep my eye on this one.” – Kaidon/Supreme Commander Iawa ‘Jar ‘Nar ‘Tokud speaking about one of his students, Luci ‘Myram