Halo 5: Guardians – My thoughts.


There are those on the internet that have voiced their own opinions on the newest game from 343 Industries. They make calls such as:


Nope! Halo is over, you should probably play something else.


Halo is shit, 343 doesn’t listen to its fans.


The people that are saying these things are clearly not paying attention to the solid facts that are right in front of their faces, 343 Industries has been listening to their requests and implementing them slowly into the game. They’re trying to please all the players in the community while trying not to lose the ones that like it the way it is. Ever since the release of Halo 5: Guardians on the Xbox One, 343 has always paid attention to what the gamers want.



The various teams here at 343….


For god sakes, they’ve just started implementing new req system changes so that those ‘more expensive’ weapons are cheaper for players. Meaning we will be able to see more players using weapons such as the Carbine, Suppressor and the Saw. Not to mention that when the fan-base demanded the addition of a Firefight system that they got it. The gamers that are complaining about the changes to Halo have brought bad vibes to the community and are ruining it for everyone else. I am a long time fan of Halo, and I have been since the release of Halo: Combat Evolved back on the original Xbox console.


While I can admit there have been ups and downs throughout the ages, Halo has always remained a great game in my eyes. The story comes and goes, gets better or worse, it improves dramatically and things evolve so much further. Like the plot to Halo 5, there is two sides to every story, even if one is seen as a traitor. Gamers around the world who take part in Halo’s community, it is time that you realise that your game is no longer owned by Bungie, Bungie left us behind to move on. They gave their legacy to another company that has done some great things to the series, such as bringing us the Master Chief Collection, Halo 4 and now Halo 5. The efforts of 343 Industries are to be commended, they are steering this series into a newer, greater direction and I am happy to be onboard with them, every step of the way.


Signed Ozzie. 


Half-Life 2: The Story of Oz.

“If they came to hear me beg, they will be disappointed.” – Thel ‘Vadamee during his trial.

Clockwork: Half-Life 2 Roleplay.

What is this you might ask?

It is a schema that was developed by Conna Wiles (also known as Kurozael) and the rest of the Clockwork team. It is based around the universe of Half-Life 2 and takes place in-between the original Half-Life game and its sequel Half-Life 2. The events put you in the shoes of the citizens, the refugees, the weakened resistance and the Civil Protection Force that is shadowed by the Universal Union’s Benefactors.

Why does it interest you?

This game-mode interests me because I have always wondered what it would be like to see the action from the otherside to be labelled as the ‘bad guys’ that are harassing ‘innocent’ people for no reason. This downtrodden world that is under siege from the Universal Union (also known as the Combine) is a place of incredible opportunity for character development as well as a chance to test the world, be who you want to be, even attempt to turn the tide a bit before the actual events of HL2.

Should I get into it?

If you are interested in Half-Life 2 and are also interested in Roleplaying then you should definitely get into this game-mode on GMOD. However, you will need to take some time to learn all of the commands that are involved as well as familiarize yourself to the server rules, and community guidelines that are involved on certain servers. This is not DARKRP, this is a SERIOUS roleplaying game-mode and a lot of people take it as such.

When I first joined the world of steam back in 2012, I did it for one reason and one reason alone. I had found several videos on YouTube of this particular game named Garry’s Mod and it had interested me because not only was it a sandbox game but there were multiple other game-modes involved. One specific game-mode that had caught my attention was the Half-Life 2 Roleplaying Schema that was originally developed by OpenAura until Clockwork was released with the release of GMOD 13 (which kinda shut a few HL2RP servers down for a while.) This game-mode had given me the chance that I had always wanted: to roleplay in this immersive universe with a totalitarian empire at the head.

After purchasing and installing GMOD from the steam community, I set about instantly hoping onto a HL2RP server and getting into the action. At first, I have no idea in hell how to roleplay and use all of the included commands. Those such as OOC (Out of Character) and LOOC (Local Out of Character), even the most basic, IC (In-character). Even with the help of some administration members, I wasn’t able to grasp the concept, not yet at least. Fast-forward several months and I discovered a community by the name of Quantum-Gaming and it became my obsession ever since.

Quantum-Gaming Community.

Quantum-Gaming was an Australian based Half-Life 2 Roleplaying Community and it was able to rank number one in Australia for the time that it was alive. The community was filled with numerous people and was always finding more and more Australians (even Americans) that were willing to take part in the action that was going. The staff was made up of RevolverWraithhHaydeeSkitz, and a few other administrations that came and went along the years. I spent my time here, after school, before school, during the middle of the night. Sometimes I even went to the extreme of accidentally falling asleep when I was on the server because it was that late.

I have some very good memories of my time at Quantum-Gaming and I would kindly share them with you now, as such, here is a few screenshots to show you what you missed out on.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After about a year of playing on the server, I tried my luck with applying to become a member of staff and I found success with the approval of the entire staff. I had made quite the name for myself clearly as there was hardly any disapproval from the community itself. I set about making my new abilities known through assisting people in need and ensuring that the flow of roleplay was continued without interruption from minges and other unwanted figures. When I had finally shown that I could be trusted with the power that had been given to me, I was given command of the Vortigaunt faction and I made sure that things were running smoothly for them.

The vortigaunts had always been somewhat of an interest to me and I made that known, I considered myself to be one of the most active vortigaunt players and with that came the interest of other players because there was now someone willing to always play on a vortigaunt character when needed. Being the Faction manager meant I could change everything and that’s exactly what I did. I completely revamped the vortigaunt system and spread the word that a new wind of change was coming. By the time the Quantum-Gaming died in early-late 2014, I had re-written the vortigaunt faction’s abilities, powers and ranks. However, most of this ‘change’ was then stolen by Gearbox-Gaming / GridHive after I left Hl2RP for a period of time. No credit was ever given to me for my work, it was completely ignored.

Vortigaunt Redux.

Seeing as the credit to my guide was completely stolen by another community within my authorisation to do so, I began work on yet another vortigaunt system and cleverly titled it: The Vortigaunt Redux. My inspiration came from my earlier work and seeing that it had some flaws in it, those flaws could easily be patched within a worry and that’s exactly what I did. Spending several weeks drafting and creating a new idea, I finally released my new system into the world and made it available in PDF form for those that might be interested. This vortigaunt redux can be found at the following link: Click Here.

While it isn’t that big or that complex, it is something is easy to understand, clearly states the differences between each vortigaunt and shows what they can and can’t do in reference to one another. It is fully interactive and gives the reader a friendly interface to work with. Here’s a quick picture to show what I mean:


Before using this guide, please ensure that you consult me here.

That was my first blog, I hope everyone has enjoyed it because there will be more in the future. 🙂

Signed Ozzie.